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When worlds colide!
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Freda and Sandy rides again by AlexRaccoonGlider

Heh, well... you asked for a critique. I'm not so good at this game, myself, but I hope this will suffice. Visually, it looks like a gr...

Gale a Gryphon's Tale by AlexRaccoonGlider

Well, I'm not too good at giving in-depth critique myself. Still, Gale's pose looks pretty dynamic and his expression indicates real tr...


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Daniel Normington
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United Kingdom
Current Residence: West Suffolk, UK
Favourite genre of music: Classical, or anything with a lively tune...
Favourite style of art: Anthropomorhpic, especially cartoony
Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7
Wallpaper of choice: The Dan Clan
Favourite cartoon character: Aside from Danbuster and co... blimey! There's so many!
Personal Quote: Never underestimate... the Leadboot!! O_o

Update for January 2016

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 11, 2016, 11:04 AM
  • Mood: Optimism
  • Listening to: Papyrus's Battle Theme
  • Reading: Salamandastron: A Tale from Redwall
  • Watching: Oliver Twist
  • Playing: Undertale
  • Eating: Liquiruce Allsorts
  • Drinking: Blackcurrent Tea
Danbuster's Journal
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.: What News? :.

Well, high time for an update. I’ve been getting that engrossed in various things like deciding what projects to work on, and getting things finished or organised, I just haven’t made time for writing journals. Nothing new… I could never keep a diary when I had one… ^^;

Nearly the end of last year, I finished off all my new character reference pictures, which are now currently in my deviantART submission tabs, scheduled for weekly release every Friday.

Also, since mid-October, I’ve been in temporary part-time work again. Placed on Work Choice by the job centre, being stuck on the dole for too long again, I opted to move from the group they placed me with (due to the person I was supposed to be seeing constantly breaking off her appointments with me due to her own non-availability) and I asked to go back with the tried-and-tested Realise Futures, since I knew them from last time… the people who got me a job before at that garden centre a couple of years ago.
They managed to get me in with a former-colleague at Bury St Edmunds, who recently went solo and kept a print-shop running. So since then, I’ve been doing mornings from Tuesdays to Thursdays, totalling a 16-hour week helping out with things like sorting out print-jobs and… pretty much anything that needs doing…
Okay, it’s a bit boring sometimes, especially when there’s nothing to do at all, but at least it’s something until the contract ends in April…

.: Christmas 2015 :.

Christmas was a relaxing holiday for us this year, as for once we didn’t have any relatives staying with us like millstones or anything like that – it was just the three of us.
I got a fair little variety of presents – mostly chocolate, but also some fun or useful stuff:
A book on drawing celebrity caricatures, a Curse of the Were Rabbit “Essential Guide”, an origami Safari craft set, hand-cloths for use in the car, Legend of Zelda: Link Between Worlds for the 3DS, a new pair of slippers and there’s probably one or two other things I’m forgetting right now.

.: New Projects :.

Whenever I’ve been having free time, I’ve been trying to make a start on a few projects.

The one of importance to me is a continuation to my children’s books featuring Boaz the harvest mouse.
As some of you may be aware by now, I managed to get Boaz and the Crow self-published near the end of the year.
Boaz and the Crow - NOW AVAILABLE!! by DCLeadboot

(I am of course still trying to plug this now and then, so that people are aware it’s there and maybe might buy one) ;)

My next story is to be entitled Boaz the Wise Builder, based on the Parable of the Wise and Foolish Builders. This story sees our little mouse trying to make safe his old log-home from an imminent storm that’s liable to flood the river and local area… in the meantime, a local mole has also heard of the warnings, but is too lazy to do anything about it…

The other project I was looking at lately was something for :iconalexraccoonglider:
It involves a crazy fan-fiction type cartoon in which Danbuster and Alex decide to dig out their old classic Sonic the Hedgehog games in a sudden rush of nostalgic enthusiasm… but then they find themselves getting into their games in an unexpected way…
This was to be told in the form of a Flash-based comic, with panels and text-dialogue in bubbles, and minimal animation…

.: Animated Comics? :.

Now this raises an idea with me lately. I’ve had my Flash animation about Danbuster and his friends chasing a cheesecake-thief ongoing for quite a while now… but trying to get back to it is getting difficult for me. Somehow, I just can’t raise the enthusiasm to stay focussed on making a full-blown animated cartoon like I used to. It feels tedious and cumbersome.

Is it that in future, a possible way round this would be for me to present my Dan Clan adventures in Flash-comic form? They would have comic panels with all dialogue in speech bubbles and written onomatopoeia, and in some case where it applies, there could be some small simple animation.
(I could still possibly include actual spoken dialogue and sound effects over this, I’m sure…)
What would your own thoughts be on this?
I guess we’d call this future collab-project of Alex and mine a test for this new approach?

.: New Avatar :.

Another recent development for me that also directly affects the face of my deviantART account is that I finally decided to upgrade my avatar with a new one of my own making, to reflect the physical changes to the design of Danbuster himself. Seen here at fullsize and reduced to dA’s standard size:

Here’s another possible venture for me to consider here.
I know I already offer commissions – I’ve had a page for this existing for the longest time on my personal webpage (you can find the link by clicking Commissions at the top of the journal)
But still, animated avatars like my new one here are still a possibility.

If anybody wished me to design them a new avatar of their own – would $5.00/£3.30 be an unreasonable price for me to ask?
If you would be interested, please drop me a Note to discuss details and exchange emails. I can only accept PayPal at this time, unless we can come to an alternative arrangement for friends.

.: Danbuster Signing Off :.

And, I don’t think I have anything further to add - so in the words of Marquila... Pax vobiscum! Salutare!! (Peace be with you! Greetings!!):salute:

deviantART Friends


Reference - Willow by DCLeadboot
Reference - Willow
A new reference Willow Wilkinson, otter matriarch of the Wilkinson family, wife of Todd and adoptive mother of Frederick.
Willow Wilkinson Reference by DCLeadboot
Contest  - If I were a Tolkien Character by DCLeadboot
Contest - If I were a Tolkien Character
For entry to the "If I were a Tolkien Character" contest on the Tolkien Inspired group.

And here's my contribution.
Basically, it's my RL-self caricatured as an Elf... well, Half-Elf...
I go by the name of Eruvadhor Galedain.
If I was to give a brief history, I'd say that my Middle-Earth 'sona was the prodigy of a Man of Gondor who (as is often the case in this world) fell in love with and married an Elf Maiden.
I see myself as a free-roaming Elf-ranger from Gondor who travels the land generally doing good, helping others by fighting evil and protecting the innocent - hense, I'm a soldier of justice!
I'm cheerful, goofy and humorous and love cracking bad puns, but on the other hand I can be serious when I have to be and once focused on a job I care about, I stick to it. (Though no doubt I'd probably even crack puns at the expense of the Orcs, even as I'm killing them)

Being based on myself, he's an Elf with long legs, tall and thin. He has blue eyes, dark hair and beard, protruding teeth with a gap in them and big ears that stick out! Since my ears always stuck out from birth, being an Elf was inevitable... but since I have a goatee, I figured I could only be half-Elf since Elves have always been depicted as clean-shaven as far as I can recall.

Eruvadhor Galedain is the name I chose to go with, roughly meaning "God (is) judge" and "bright man"
The first name is essentially the Elvish version of my name Daniel.
I modelled my costume on the ranger outfit worn by Faramir of Ithilien, son of Denethor - but to look a little more unique and Elvish, I altered the generic design of the Gondor helm to make the wings more pronounced. I also took some inspiration from Link's costume from the Legend of Zelda, such as the added chainmail and the shoulder-strap for my scabbard.

The sword I wield is modelled slightly on the curved single-edged sabre wielded by my commonly-associated avatar-character Danbuster Leadboot - only given the Elvish treatment by making it longer and more elegant in design.
Also, I added the Elvish blessing engraved along the edge of the fuller, because I love the idea of swords with personalised inscriptions on them! ;)
The Elvish script reads: Baudhathol — dagnir ned ogol – tog galad an i dúath.
Which was the best translation I was able to make with my basic knowledge of Sindarin-Elvish and translates to: Judgement Blade — bane of evil – bring light to the darkness.

Elvish font:… (based on Tolkien's writing, but this font was created for fun by myself)
Elvish sources for translation:…
Elvish name:…

Pose inspired by:…


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